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The Book That Started It All

The E-Business Bible is organized around eight major pillars of a practical entrepreneural journey in building an online business. Following the principles sequentially is not necessary, but when read in order, they develop an holistic understanding of the smart and happy path toward e-commerce success. The book's insights are equally applicable to the inception of a new online venture as well as the enablement and optimization of any existing web-based business.


Choosing Your Destination


SaaS Solutions


Opportunity Identification


Quantifying Competition


Confirming Projections


Assembling Your Application


Customer Acquisition


Team Expansion

About The Author

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Sean Bradley

With over a quarter of a century leading technological advancements for startups and major enterprises, Sean Bradley brings his expertise straight to you in two game-changing hyperbooks, The E-Business Bible and The Ultimate AI Primer. As a pioneering technologist, Sean has held key executive, engineering, and product leadership roles in industries ranging from healthcare to energy, from YouTube networks to flagship arts organizations—online businesses of all domains and sizes. Now he shares insider strategies to help you succeed in accelerating your business online while leveraging futureproof solutions to boost productivity and creativity.

These comprehensive guides are jam-packed with valuable resources, covering everything from identifying opportunities and building apps, to qualifying technical talent and acquiring customers, to automating elaborate business operations and leveraging generative AI. His hands-on approach in strategic consulting ensures the most complex topics are made accessible to everyone, from the novice and non-technical soloepreneur to the most veteran digital native alike.

As the founder of top web consultancy BlogBlimp, Sean has an unmatched track record of helping creative leaders turn their most technically challenging visions into reality. Now, with The E-Business Bible, he provides the ideal playbook to guide your online venture from start to finish. Simultaneously, in The Ultimate AI Primer, he shares a clear and actionable deep dive into the most impactful invention since the advent of language itself. For busy professionals, he offers private, one-on-one accelerated masterclasses to help prepare for consequential collaboration in emerging technology.

Don't miss your chance to ignite demonstrable impact and change in your online business or creative endeavor—buy "The E-Business Bible" and "The Ultimate AI Primer" today and take the first step on a truly futureproof path to success!

The Knowledge You Need

Three options from which to choose. Purchase The Online Business Bible if you're launching a new business or growing an existing business. Or: The Ultimate AI Primer to ensure your business stays competitive in the years to come. Or: set up a private Futureproof session with Sean to catalyze actionable ideas, accelerate technical solutions, and turbocharge your existing online strategy with real engineering and executive wisdom. Or get all three to blueprint your online intitiative and breakthrough to the next level now.


* NEW Order the FUTUREPROOF masterclass before and you'll have forever free early access to BossBrain, your personal AI driven service trained on all of the insights in The E-Business Bible, The Ultimate AI Primer, PLUS best practices as prescribed by other leading business experts. Once live (approx. May 2024), BossBrain's yearly subscription fee of $249 will be permanently waived for purchasers of this bundle.

Learn Essential A.I. In One Afternoon

The Ultimate AI Primer is a hyperbook intended for business disruptors and creative entrepreneurs who are still new to artificial intelligence, but desire a more actionable understanding of the technology. Easily digestible overviews, explanations, and definitions. Advanced math not required; coding not required. 140 pages of plain English readable in one afternoon, yet chock full of bleeding edge technical detail. Hundreds of links to services that enable going beyond fanciful pics and deep fakes. Become dangerously well-informed in your conversations with data scientists, software engineers, and tech-adept collaborators of all kinds. Manifest the most ambitious creative vision, and futureproof yourself with this essential and urgent reading for business owners and artists alike.

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Client Testimonials

  • "Sean's consultative advice was the difference that made a difference."

    - Susie Barrington
    CEO, Design Envy
  • "Vast knowledge of the performing arts business. A true renaissance man."

    - Miguel del Aguila
    Renowned Performing Artist
  • "One of the most pivotal investments I've ever made in business."

    - Jessica Sampson
    Jessie's Meal Prep
  • "Sean stepped in right away with patience and clarity to go along with a huge amount of expertise. His advice was practical, actionable, and a complete lifesaver."

    - Jacob Szekely
    The Improvisors Guide.com


"If the consultative advice I provide in my books or a private session does not make you feel vastly more empowered to build and operate your new online business, or grow your existing business, or otherwise enable you to move forward with your creative ideas more intelligently and profitably, I'll happily refund your money. No questions asked. I am confident if you read my books or spend time with me one-on-one, and apply my advice, your online business will be demonstrably stronger for it."

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